Using XIOAMI gamepad with Linux

XIAMOI GamepadI have the XIOAMI gamepad, a cheap gamepad which looks like the classical XBOX gamepad
When I used it first with my Fire TV Stick, it worked like a charm. I wanted to try it with my Linux and with Steam.

When i used it in a game it was totally uncalibrated. Pressing the joystick to the top position had no effect at all on my game character.

jscalibSo, i had to calibrate with a small programm, which I install on the shell with:

$ sudo aptitude install jstest-gtk

start it with:

$ jstest-gtk

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you should see the following pictures…

  1. press the calibration button
  2. press the start calibration button
  3. rotate the joystick (all joysticks on your gamepad in a circle
  4. move the joystick to up – middle – down -middle – left -middle – right – middle
  5. press the OK button.
  6. save the profile

after than restarting the Steam game, it works perfect.


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